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Police Department


Police Department


Mission Statement image

The mission of the Merrimack College Department of Police Services is to provide comprehensive law enforcement services that enhance the educational mission of the college. We are committed to the protection of life and property, the prevention and detection of crime, the enrichment of the quality of life and an unwavering commitment to “Excellence in Service through Community Policing” for all members of the campus community, their guests and visitors.


We emphasize integrity, honesty, impartiality and professionalism from our members in order to create an environment that values differences and fosters fairness and flexibility in our mission. We encourage community input and interaction that will assist us in developing sound partnerships between community and the police. Working together, we can protect our future and enhance the quality of life for everyone within the college community.

Department Information  

Emergency: 978.837.5911
Business: 978.837.5555

TTY for Hearing Impaired

The Merrimack College Police Department does not have TTY (text telephone) capabilities. If you need to contact us and you are deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, or speech disabled you may access MassRelay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year where a Relay Operator (OPR) will complete your call, dialing the party you wish to contact. The OPR will then stay on the line to relay messages electronically via a TTY or verbally to people who can hear. All relay calls are confidential.

MassRelay Numbers
  • Universal Access 711

  • TTY 1-800-439-2370

Voice/Speech to Speech Relay (STS) 1-800-439-0183

For instructions on the use of these services please use this link below:

MassRelay Numbers and Instructions



All Merrimack College Students, Faculty and Staff are strongly encouraged to sign up for RAVE ALERT by clicking here or the link on the menu to the left to enable Police Services to contact you in case of a campus wide emergency.


Meet the Department




 Michael DelGreco 


Chief DelGreco is a graduate of the Massachusetts Police Leadership Institute, a certified Sexual Assault Investigator and R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) Instructor.

He is a graduate of the New Hampshire 25th Police Academy.

Chief DelGreco is also serving in his twelfth year as a sworn part-time officer with the Hampton, N.H. Police Department where he works approximately 24 hours a week. He is required to qualify with his department issued sidearm (Glock22) twice a year and with the department issued AR-15 cruiser rifle. The Hampton, N.H. Police Department also has a voluntary night shoot which Chief DelGreco has completed.

 Chief DelGreco is expected to and has maintained his proficiency with his department issued weapons going into his twelfth year and is licensed to carry firearms in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


Dennis Peterson

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief Peterson retired from Tewksbury Police Department with 32 years of service where he served as Chief of Detectives, overseeing all criminal investigations from homicide to larceny.

He was a member of NEMLEC Regional Tactical Unit and Special Operations Unit.

Lieutenant Peterson also worked with the Secret Service during the Democratic National Convention in Boston with covert Counter Terrorism Task Force.

He recently retired as a Tewksbury School Committee member, a position he had held since 2001 and he has been a Basketball Official IABBO since 1995. Dennis is on the Board of Directors of the Tewksbury Boys Basketball League.


 Thomas J. Murphy

Major, Administrative Services

Major Murphy oversees all department training, including Massachusetts State Police On-Line training, ensures that all officers fulfill and maintain their certification requirements with the Massachusetts State Police Certification Unit, and ensures that all officers maintain annual certification in OC Spray, Baton, and Use of Force, and First Responder/AED. He also works closely with the Accreditation Manager.

Major Murphy is certified by the Massachusetts Training Council as a Background Investigator and is responsible for the hiring of all dispatchers and officers.

Major Murphy served thirty two years with the Lawrence, Massachusetts Police Department and during that time he served as the Police Arson Investigator and Auto Theft and Insurance Fraud Investigator. He attended the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, MD for arson investigations and is a graduate of the National FBI Academy in Quantico, Va.

Major Murphy was awarded the “Man of the Decade Award” by the Eagle-Tribune in 1990 and the “Police Officer of the Year” by the Lawrence Exchange Club 2005.

He currently maintains his license to carry firearms in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by attending firearms qualifications with the Lawrence Police Department.

Major Murphy has Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Western New England College.


Jan Fuller

Lieutenant, Accreditation Manager

Lieutenant Fuller is the department’s Accreditation Manager responsible for maintaining standards in compliance with those set by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.

She has been in campus law enforcement since 1992 when she graduated from the full-time Special State Police Officer Academy.

Lieutenant Fuller has a Diploma in Physical Education from Dunfermline College of Physical Education in Edinburgh, Scotland and taught high school for six years after graduating.

She is a certified Sexual Assault Investigator and previously held certification as a R.A.D. Instructor.

Lieutenant Fuller has previous experience as a Detective, investigating sensitive crimes, Court Prosecutor arraigning cases in District Court, and as an educator on violent crimes.

She has received:

  • Special Recognition Award from the Massachusetts Association of College and University Public Safety Directors  for Contributions to the Professionalism of Campus Law Enforcement
  • Special Recognition Award from the Massachusetts Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators for Investigative Efforts and Perseverance
  • Extra Mile Award from MassBay Community College

She is a member of the Franklin Rod and Gun Club where she shoots her personal firearm, a Glock 23, 40 caliber, to maintain her shooting skills. Lieutenant Fuller is licensed to carry a firearm in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.




 Tanya Merten

Sergeant, Day Shift

Sergeant Merten has been a sworn member of law enforcement since 1995. She began her career working for the Wilmington Police Department as an auxiliary Police Officer. She graduated from the Northeast Regional Police Institute in December 1995.

Sergeant Merten’s academy training included instruction in Defensive Tactics and Use of Force. She has also been trained in the use of firearms and is licensed to carry a firearm in Massachusetts.

Sergeant Merten began her career at Merrimack College Police Services in 2002 when she became on on-call officer, while maintaining her status with Wilmington police Department. In 2004, she became a permanent part-time officer until she was hired full-time in 2005.

She holds a black belt in several martial arts and is also an Assistant Instructor.

Sergeant Merten is certified by C.O.B.W.E.B. (Cops on Bikes with Education for Bicyclists) as a Bike Patrol Officer and is the department’s primary bike patrol officer. She is also one of the department’s R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) instructors. She teaches self-defense, not only to Merrimack students but assists North Andover Police and Andover Police with their programs and was part of the Lawrence Jamboree, demonstrating self-defense in February 2009. She also volunteers her time to teach self-defense to a Girl Scout Troop in Salem, NH so that they can earn one of their badges. 

 peterson s

 Sean Peterson

Sergeant, Night Shift

Sergeant Peterson currently serves Merrimack College as the midnight shift supervisor. He commenced his law enforcement career in 2006 as a Reserve Correctional Officer with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department and subsequently joined Merrimack College Police Services as a Full Time Dispatcher in February of 2007. Sergeant Peterson transitioned his role from Dispatcher to Patrol Officer and later to the position of Sergeant in 2007. He received his basic police officer training at the Reading Intermittent Police Academy and is also trained in defensive tactics, firearms, baton, OC and Use of Force. Furthermore, Sergeant Peterson is a certified Field Training Officer and has received Supervisor training at the Massachusetts State Police Academy.

Sergeant Peterson comes from a law enforcement family as his father served as a police officer in Lawrence and Andover, MA for 25 years. Sergeant Peterson currently holds a BS in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. He is also currently pursuing his graduate degree.


Troy Burrell

Sergeant, Evening Shift

Sergeant Burrell is currently a full-time police officer at Merrimack College. Officer Burrell  began his career as a dispatcher at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year while he was attending the Massachusetts Reserve Police Academy in North Reading. While there, he was instructed in Criminal Law and Constitutional Law; as well as proper application of force due to subject non-compliance. He has been trained as a First Responder and has also received certifications in O.C., Expandable Baton, and Mountain Bike Patrol. Troy completed the Reserve Police Academy February 15, 2009 and was appointed to the officer’s position at the conclusion of the 2008-2009 school year. While working as an officer at Merrimack College Police Services, Officer Burrell has worked with seasoned and experienced officers where he has learned how to deescalate situations in which are stressful and potentially violent. Officer Burrell has been recognized numerous times within the department for both his ability to stay calm and professional while performing his duties as a dispatcher and while handling emergency communications. He was recently recognized for his efforts in assisting the City of Lawrence Police Department during an incident that involved a Merrimack College Resident co-ed. Officer Burrell continues his law enforcement education by taking online classes with the Massachusetts State Police online academy as well as being enrolled in the Northern Essex Community College Criminal Justice Program.

Officer Alexandra Gallo is currently an on- call officer with Merrimack College Police Services. She currently works full time at Massachusetts General Hospital as a police dispatcher and is also a part time police dispatcher with the Town of Kennebunk in Maine. Officer Gallo has been a sworn officer since 1998. She started her career in law enforcement as a reserve officer in Maine with the Town of Kennebunkport and graduated from the Maine Reserve Academy where she was required to qualify with a firearm and in self defense tactics. Officer Gallo graduated from the Massachusetts Intermediate Academy in 2001. She also obtained a Firearms Safety Certificate from the State of Massachusetts. Additional training includes; Hostage Negations, Managing Crisis Calls, Cops on Bike (COBWEB), Rape Aggression Defense Instructor (RAD), Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB), CPR/First Responder with AED, Suicide Intervention, O.C./Baton training


 Rob Parnell

Sergeant, Part-time, Night Shift

Sergeant Parnell is currently a part-time Sergeant on the weekend midnight shifts. He has been with the Merrimack College Police Department since 1994 and has been a sworn law enforcement officer since 1990.

Sergeant Parnell began his career with the City of Lawrence Auxiliary Police Department and, in 1991, graduated from the Northeast Regional Police Institute.

In 1993 he joined the Essex County Sheriff’s Department and graduated from the full-time Sheriff’s Academy. His training included defensive hands-on non-compliant maneuvers, O.C pepper spray, baton, firearms, pistol and shotgun. He has been licensed to carry a firearm in Massachusetts since 1990.

In 1998, Sergeant Parnell was promoted to his present rank and assigned to work weekend midnight shifts, where he currently serves today.


Sean Furlong

Sergeant, On-Call

Sergeant Furlong was hired as an on-call Police Officer at Merrimack in October of 2002. In October of 2008, he was promoted to on-call Sergeant.

He is currently employed full-time with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Trial Court as a Court Officer, currently assigned to the Salem District Court. Sergeant Furlong is also a reserve officer with the Nahant Police Department where he is trained in and authorized to carry a handgun. He is currently qualified in the Glock 22, 40 caliber and in the Nahant Police Department’s Benelli shotgun. The certification in those weapons is conducted annually by a certified firearms instructor with the Massachusetts Police Training Council.

Sergeant Furlong completed the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council’s reserve police Academy in 1999 and, when hired at Merrimack, was sworn in as a Special State Police Officer. He has also received training in use of force, pepper spray and expandable baton use.

He has been working in the criminal justice field for almost 20 years with various positions within numerous law enforcement agencies, including Revere Police Department, The Essex County Sheriff’s Department, North Shore Community College Campus Police Department, The Massachusetts Environmental Police and the Massachusetts State Police.

image Elaine M. Gill

Investigator On Call

Elaine M. Gill is employed as on call Investigator with the Merrimack College Police Department. She retired in 2009 as a Detective Lieutenant, Commander of the State Police Detective Unit in the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. She retired with 27 years of service and qualified annually with her department issued firearm. She is an adjunct professor at Northern Essex Community College and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. She attained her Masters in Criminal Justice from Western New England College and her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University.  She lectures around the Commonwealth in Sexual Assault Investigations, Child Abuse Investigations, Victim Dynamics, Crime Scene Investigation, Interview and Interrogations, Search

Warrant and Legal Issues for the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement. She also lectures new recruits at both the Massachusetts State Police Academy and for the Massachusetts Police Training Committee. She maintains her License to Carry Firearms in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



imageSarah Vincent-Furlong

Patrol, Night Shift

Officer Vincent-Furlong is currently a Full-Time sworn officer with the Merrimack College Police Department. She began her law enforcement career while still attending college in 2000, when she became employed at the Lawrence Police Department as an on-call matron. In 2001, she performed her Criminal Justice internship at the Haverhill Police Department. In early 2002, she was hired by Merrimack College as an On-Call Campus Police Officer. While working On Call at Merrimack, she attended the Massachusetts Basic Reserve and Intermittent Academy in Reading during the fall of 2002 and was sworn in as a Special State Police Officer in 2003. Shortly thereafter, she was appointed as a Full-Time Officer and has been employed as such ever since. While working at Merrimack, Officer Vincent has been certified in the following- Use of Force, Suicide Prevention, Expandable baton, CPR and First Responder, Field Sobriety Testing, Field Training Officer, Sexual Assault Investigator, Portable Breath Test (PBT) Operation. She has also attended some Supervisor training courses as well.In 2007, Officer Vincent-Furlong was appointed as a Reserve Police Officer for the Nahant Police Department. As a sworn officer, she is authorized to carry a firearm. Thus, since her appointment, she has qualified with the Nahant Police Department once each year with her own 9mm Sig Sauer P229 handgun as well as the Nahant Police Department’s Benelli shotguns. Officer Vincent-Furlong was also able to use a shooting simulator which includes “real life situations” of “shoot or don’t shoot” scenarios. Officer Vincent-Furlong has been a licensed handgun owner since 2000. She attended a basic handgun course in 1999 and has renewed her Class a Large Capacity License to Carry Firearms ever since.





Kelly Anderson

Campus Safety Officer Anderson is currently a Full- time Officer with the Merrimack College Department of Police Services. She began her career with Merrimack College in 1988 and graduated from the Special State Police Academy in 1990. In September of 2005 Kelly changed her status from Full-time Police Officer to Full- time Campus Safety Officer in charge of Traffic and Parking. Kelly is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to carry firearms.  



image Dispatch Supervisor Elaine Jones



image Dispatcher Jay Leccese