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Honors Program

Honors House

Merrimack Honors offers dedicated Honors housing, complete with Honors community activities and specially chosen Honors RAs, for all residential students in the Honors Program. 


The Honors Community

The Merrimack College Honors Program is inspired by St. Augustine’s belief that studying with friends is the best environment for learning, challenging oneself and for discovering one’s passions. In describing his early education, he fondly recalls,

“I found all kinds of joy when I was in the company of my friends- talking, reading engaging books together – going from the lightest joking to taking of the deepest things and back again” (Confessions 4: 8, 13).

Our hope is the Honors House reflects the values proposed by St. Augustine. 

Benefits of Honors Housing

Honors Housing at Merrimack College provides Honors students with academically focused living quarters where they can live and study together. Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, Honors Housing expanded to two residential locations. Incoming first-years live in an Honors Living-Learning Community; and upperclassmen have the opportunity to live in the Honors House. Both residences pride themselves on a dedication to the Four Pillars of Merrimack Honors: Community, Service, Research, and Leadership.

Benefits include:

  • Living In Community with other Honors students.
  • Engaging in transformative learning experiences by living and studying with other highly-motivated students.
  • Participating in experiential learning opportunities through honors housing such a special guest speakers, service opportunities, and group outings. 
All commuter students have access to the residence halls during normal college operation hours and have full access to honors-related activities occurring in the residence areas.


2015-2016 Honors Resident Advisors

Our Honors Resident Advisors are tasked with developing and fostering a welcoming and academically focused residence hall area. The Honors Program is fortunate to have three RA’s in Monican Centre First-Year Living Learning Community, and three RA’s in the North Residential Village Upperclassmen Area. 

Joe Fisher, ’17
North Residential Village Upperclassmen Area (Fall 2015)

Major: Health Science (Public Health)

School: Science and Engineering

Hometown: Somerville, MA

Alex Juliano, ’17
North Residential Village Upperclassmen Area (Spring 2016)

Major: Civil Engineering

School: Science and Engineering

Hometown: Lynnfield, MA

Leyna Tobey, ’17
North Residential Village Upperclassmen Area

Major: Civil Engineering

School: Science and Engineering

Hometown: Augusta, ME

Dylan Scott, ’18
North Residential Village Upperclassmen Area

Major: Human Development

School: Education and Social Policy

Hometown: Woburn, MA

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Bridget Barnes, ’16
Monican Centre First-Year Living-Learning Community

Major: Biology/Environmental Science

School: Science and Engineering

Hometown: Salem, NH

Amshula Divadkar, ’17
Monican Centre First-Year Living-Learning Community

Major: Sociology

School: Liberal Arts

Hometown: Swampscott, MA

Michael Santoro, ’18
Monican Centre First-Year Living-Learning Community

Major: Business Administration

School: Girard School of Business

Hometown: Medford, MA


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