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Health Sciences

Direct Supervision

The athletic training curriculum must include provision for clinical experiences under the direct supervision of a qualified ACI or CI (Approved Clinical Instructor/ Clinical Instructor)in an appropriate clinical setting.

     1.) ACI or CI must be physically present and have the ability to intervene on behalf of the athletic training student to provide on-going and consistent education.

     2.) The ACI or CI must consistently and physically interact with the athletic training student at the site of the clinical experience.

     3.) There must be regular planned communication between the ATEP and the ACI or CI.

     4.) The number of students assigned to an ACI or CI in the clinical experience component must be of a ratio that will ensure effective education and should not exceed a ratio of eight students to an ACI or CI in the clinical setting.

Clinical experiences must provide students with opportunities to integrate cognitive, psychomotor skills/clinical proficiency, and affective competence/core values. While development of psychomotor skills/clinical proficiency must represent a significant focus of clinical experiences, opportunities also must be provided for the development, synthesis, and demonstration of cognitive competency (ie. learning over time) and professional behavior.

Learning Over Time

Learning over time is the documented continuous process of skill acquisition, progression, and student reflection. Learning over time involves the demonstration of systematic progression through the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective taxonomies within different contextual environments (e.g., athletic training facility, practice field). Assessment of learning over time is built around multiple indicators and sources of evidence such as observations (student affective behaviors, interviews); performance samples (clinical skill demonstration); and tests or test-like procedures.