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Office of the Provost

Faculty Development Grants


2016 -2017 Grants

Faculty Name  Position  Department  Project Title 
Taesoo Ahn Associate Professor Management Exploring the Impact of Country-of-Origin (COO) Fit and Team Identification in Sports Brand Evaluation
Brittnie Aiello Assistant Professor Criminology Prison Education: A Collaboration between Merrimack College and MCI Shirley
Traci Alberti Assistant Professor Health Science  Health Literacy Leadership Institute, Tufts University
Autumn Alcott Ridenour Assistant Professor Religious & Theological Studies Revising book manuscript, Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Reimagining Aging towards Death through Union with Christ; Editing Special Edition for journal, Christian Bioethics, “Death and Christian Life”
Mark Allman Professor Religious & Theological Studies Sex, Marriage, Family and Work
Thomas Anderson Assistant Professor History Write an Article entitled “Converting the Hospital: British missionaries, medicine, and the environment in 19th Century Madagascar”
Charlotte Berkes Associate Professor  Biology Identification of Antifungal Compounds to Target Histoplasma capsulatum
Gavril Bilev Assistant Professor Political Science  A Party of One: Personalistic Parties with Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria
Audrey Falk Associate Professor School, College & Community Studies  Social Justice Education Training
Anne Flaherty Associate Professor  Political Science States, American Indian Nations, and Intergovernmental Politics: Sovereignty, Conflicts, and the Uncertainty of Taxes
Roselita Fragoudakis Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering  Predicting The Optimum Stacking Sequence Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Laminated Beams Using A Genetic Algorithm
Jose Godinez Assistant Professor Management  Dealing with the unknown: How M-Banking firms are succeeding when operating in an unregulated industry
Christina Hardway Associate Professor Psychology  Examining Curiosity and Learning Outcomes: Video-based prompts to promote students’ interest in instructional materials delivered through computers and through iPads
Laura Hsu Assistant Professor Education    Assess the potential positive cognitive effects of using one’s non-dominant hand
Jonathan Jensen Assistant Professor  Marketing, International Business and Sport Management Miracle in the Midwest: How Baseball Saved a Rust Belt City 
Sirkwoo Jin Assistant Professor Sport Management Feeling smart, leading better: The relationship between emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, emotional intensity, and transformational leadership 
James Kaklamanos Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Influence of Soil Profile Assumptions on Earthquake Site Response Predictions
Zachary Kissel Assistant Professor Computer Science  Efficient Forward-Private Dynamic Searchable Encryption
Katelyn Kurkul Assistant Professor Education The role of epistemological beliefs in caregivers’ explanations across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
He Li Professor Political Science China’s Rise in Latin America: Myths and Realities
SeungJin Lim Associate Professor Computer Science  Chiastic Pattern Detection From A Large Text Database
Alicia Malone Assistant Professor Criminology The influence of aggravating and mitigating factors on jurors’ decision-making in capital cases based on defendant race and victim race and gender
Krista McQueeney  Associate Professor Criminology Mean Girls? Race, Gender, and Sexuality in News Coverage of Female Aggression
Lisa Perks Associate Professor Communication Arts & Sciences  Analyze character mortality and circumstances of character deaths in The Walking Dead to better understand the show’s racial and ethnic ideologies
Marie Plasse Professor English  The Subjects of HIStory: Solidarity and Subjectivity in Michael Jackson’s Most Controversial Album
Brian Provencher Assistant Professor Chemistry & Biochemistry  Synthesis of Novel Mu/Kappa Opioid Receptor Ligands
Laura Pruett Associate Professor Visual and Performing Arts  La nuit des tropiques and A Montevideo: A Critical Edition of Two Symphonies by Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Sandra Raponi Associate Professor Philosophy   The Role of Compassion in Cosmopolitan Justice
Alison Russell Assistant Professor Political Science  Anti-Access/Area Denial Operations in Cyberspace
Luis Saenz de Viguere Erkiaga Associate Professor World Languages and Cultural Studies/Social Justice Sacrificial Victim: Taking apart the Nation in Thomas Vinterberg’s Jagten/The Hunt
Zoe Sherman Assistant Professor Economics  Establishing a supplemental instruction model for the gateway course Eco1201 Introduction to Economics
Sally Shockro Assistant Professor History  Bede and the Medieval Vitae of St. Anastasius
Ana Silva Associate Professor Accounting & Finance  Application of behavior theories to financial behavior changes in the context of microfinance
Michael Stroud Associate Professor Psychology   The Glass May be Mightier Than The Pen
Christopher Stuetzle Assistant Professor Computer Science Development of Novel Mathematical Model for Terrain Surface Data
Andrew C. Tollison Assistant Professor Communication Arts & Sciences  Communicative Consequences of Gender-Based Stereotypes in Health Care
Joseph Vogel Assistant Professor English  Witnessing the Reagan Era: James Baldwin and the 1980s
Harry Wessel Associate Professor Political Science  Policy Typologies, Media Frames, and Narrative Analysis: Immigration and Same-Sex Marriage
William Wians Professor Philosophy  Making Clear the ei esti in Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics
Nancy Wynn Associate Professor Visual and Performing Arts Silent Witness Exhibition
Melissa Zimdars Assistant Professor Communication Arts & Sciences Book Manuscript Proposal and Manuscript Drafting/Editing “Watching our Weights: The Global Circulation of Fat TV and the ‘Obesity Epidemic’”