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Residence Life

Position Description


The function of the Resident Advisor position is to work with other students and other residence hall staff members to facilitate and develop a community environment that will contribute to the intellectual, spiritual, social, and cultural growth of the students. The RA upholds and presents the philosophy and community standards of Merrimack College and the Office of Residence Life and acts as a liaison between students and administrators.

 The RA reports directly to the Area Coordinator/Resident Director for his/her area.  The RA is accountable for the policies and procedures of the Residence Life Office and Merrimack College. Because of the nature of the position, RAs may, at times, be privy to confidential information. In accordance with the expectations of the position, RAs should maintain confidentiality when appropriate.

 Community Development:

  • Create and foster a community among your floor, tower, wings, etc.

  • Know the names of each of your residents as well as the residents of the area in which you advise.

  • Be available and visible to your residents

  • Assist your residents getting to know the people that live on their floor and in their building

  • Encourage students to make the most of the Merrimack College experience and get involved

  • Be a positive role model for students

  • Keep residents informed about the College through meetings, posters, flyers, etc.

  • Provide residents with opportunities to attend programs that meet their interests

Administrative Tasks

  • Turn in all paperwork on time, including but not limited to: weekly reports, program proposals and evaluations, incident reports, calling in facility concerns, check requests, petty cash forms, van reservations, etc.

Policy Enforcement

  • Participate in duty rotation

  • Document residents as policy violations occur

  • Confront and educate students who violate the Community Standards

  • Submit incident reports by the end of duty night

  • Participate in judicial hearings as necessary

  • Assist in damage billing by identifying appropriate individuals, following up with the Residence Life Office, etc.

  • Encourage students to respect the rights of others, discuss, formulate, support, and enforce quiet hours and courtesy hours with all students. 

  • Educate students regarding safety, by reporting emergencies or serious illnesses and facilitate emergency procedures when necessary. 

Staff Interaction

  • Attend all training sessions, staff meetings, and others designated activities (1-1, in-services, etc.)

  • RAs must attend the RA overnight camp during August training. Attending camp is non-negotiable and failure to attend could result in loss of job.

  • Get to know fellow staff members by attending staff fun and staff development opportunities you’re your schedule permits.

  • Assist with office initiatives including, but not limited to: general orientation to campus, room assignments and changes, room inventories and inspections, floor lists, and maintenance.

  • Participate in the opening and closing of college residences at the beginning and end of each semester. Develop and maintain close and supportive working relationship with fellow staff members.

  • Participate in staff selection processes as needed.