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International Business

Career Information

International Business students can pursue careers in a number of fields, such as management, labor relations, human resources, banking and finance, economics, sales, marketing, product management and real estate.  

Potential employers could include:

  • Domestic and foreign corporations
  • Multinational service firms
  • Global small and medium enterprises
  • Domestic and foreign financial institutions
  • International marketing firms
  • International real estate firms
  • International trade firms
  • Contracting and consulting firms
  • Convention and visitors’ bureau
  • International airlines
  • Transportation, travel, and hospitality industry

In preparation, International Business students can:

  • Develop competency in at least one additional language;
  • Get to know international students on your campus;
  • Spend a semester studying abroad;
  • Seek an international internship, even if unpaid;
  • Obtain volunteer, part-time, temporary, or summer positions abroad or with companies involved in international business;
  • Learn about NAFTA, the WTO, the EU, and other international agreements and organizations;
  • To pursue a career abroad, start to demonstrate your skills domestically, and develop a network of personal contacts with individuals in targeted international businesses;
  • Acquire supervisory skills and experience by taking leadership roles in student organizations;
  • Learn about geography and international travel regulations;
  • Sharpen your public speaking skills and intercultural communication skills, and develop and demonstrate intercultural competence;
  • Keep abreast of political, economic, and social changes worldwide, in order to understand the international business environment;
  • Increase cultural awareness and seek greater understanding of people from backgrounds different from yours; make a commitment to a continuing quest for understanding of human diversity;
  • Research firms with international interests;
  • Gain experience in communicating with people from other countries;
  • Live and/or work abroad while in school;
  • Develop an understanding of etiquette and business practices in a target country;
  • Develop traits such as creativity, initiative, tenacity, a willingness to take risks an adventurous spirit, and a sense of humor.

Adapted from Career Services, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2005)