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Graduate Programs

M.Ed. in General Studies

The graduate program in Curriculum & Instruction (General Studies) is for candidates who have a strong interest in education or are pursuing a career in an education setting that does not require formal licensing or certification. The 36-credit program covers an array of education-related topics and situations and candidates participate in a capstone experience, rather than a practicum. Candidates receive a master’s degree without licensure. 

Program Components

ED 533G Assistive Technologies for the Inclusive Classroom - 2 credits

ED 536G Differentiated Instruction and Assessment- 2 credits

ED 547G Understanding the English Language Learner: Cultural and Social Perspectives - 2 credits

ED 557G The Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Student with Special Needs - 2 credits

ED 567G Response to Intervention Model - 2 credits

ED 570G Reflective Teaching: Processes for Deepening Professional Practice - 4 credits

ED 576G Education Law & Policy - 4 credits

ED 577G Urban & Multicultural Education - 2 credits

GRAD 503 Reading & Writing: A Literacy Perspective - 2 credits

GRAD 504 The Expository Writing Challenge - 2 credits

GRAD 509 Elementary Physical, Life & Earth Science - 2 credits

GRAD 515 Curriculum Content Using Community Resources  - 2 credits

GRAD 590 Capstone Project - 4 Elective(s) 




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