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Honors Program

Honors Requirements

Honors Program students are required to complete eight honors courses in four years. First-year students must achieve a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA by the end of their first year; sophomores and beyond must maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in order to graduate from the Honors Program.

Important: As some curriculum requirements have recently changed, students should consult their Cohort Program Requirements (located in the Resources box).  


First Year

An Honors first-year should aim to complete at least three Honors courses during their first year. 

  • Honors Introduction to College Writing (FYW1050H) *
  • Honors Christianity in Context (RTS1100H) 
  • Honors Introduction to Philosophy (PHL1000H) 

* An honors section of FYW1050H is required, even with AP or transfer credit equivalent.  

Students should not take non-Honors sections of RTS1100H and PHL1000H if possible. In addition, Honors students at any level may choose an Honors section of Calculus, Physics, Psychology, Business, History or other courses depending on their interest and course availability.

Important:  Many first-year honors classes are pre-populated by the Registrar for their first semester to ensure that students meet Program requirements.  First-years in the Honors Program should not drop or withdraw from any honors course without first contacting the Honors Program Director. Also, all Human Development majors are required by their major to take EDU2130 - Diversity and Social Justice in the spring of their first year.  This course fulfills the Honors service learning requirement that most students fulfill during their sophomore year with SOJ1000H - Introduction to Social Justice - Honors (See below.)  A section of EDU2130 will include an Honors Contract for Honors Human Development majors.  Be sure to discuss this with your education advisor and with the Honors Program Director to make sure you register for the correct section of the course. 


Second Year

As of Fall 2016, in addition to any regular honors course the student may select, second year Honors students may take either an honors section of SOJ1000H Introduction to Social Justice or HON2001H/HON2002H Reflecting on Service.  As of Fall 2017, incoming first-year students will take an Honors section of Introduction to Social Justice. 

Beginning in their second year, Honors students may earn Honors credit for one of their non-Honors classes by means of an Honors Contract (formally known as Honors Component).  

Third Year

An Honors student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at the end of the junior year in order to be eligible to complete the Honors Capstone Experience. All students who achieve a 3.5 by that time will be allowed to complete the experience and will graduate as a member of the Honors Program upon successful completion of the Capstone.

Recognizing that a good student may suffer a single poor semester under extenuating circumstances, a student falling below the 3.5 threshold at the end of the junior year may, upon appeal to the Honors Program Director and with the approval of a majority of the members of the Honors Program Committee, to have the GPA re-calculated by excluding the lowest of the student’s six semester GPAs.

Fourth Year

Honors program seniors are required to complete a capstone experience.  

Be sure to check your Honors Student Handbook for more detailed information.