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Department of Communication and Media

Major Requirements

The Communication & Media Major

The study of Communication and Media at Merrimack College provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to human and media interaction.  The Communication and Media major examines messages, practices, and processes that shape and are shaped by relationships, organizations, industries, and various other contexts. Communication and Media courses provide students with opportunities to examine the theories and research used to develop the discipline as well as the skills and knowledge needed to meet the complex communication and media challenges of the 21st century.

According to a national survey of employers, communication is the most important skill sought when hiring and promoting.  Our goal is to develop sophisticated producers and consumers of communication and media who understand how face-to-face and mediated messages influence and shape daily life, public opinion, and society overall.  Students graduating from the program are able to critically analyze nonverbal, oral, written, audio, and visual forms of communication.

Communication & Media Major Requirements

All Communication and Media majors complete a common core of required courses that provide an overview of the discipline.  Students then choose two skills-oriented level classes, such as Television Production or Health Campaigns, and then three theory-based level classes, such as Humor and Media, Nonprofit Communication, Intercultural Communication, or New Media and Digital Communication. 

Satisfying the requirements for the major in Communication and Media includes completing a minimum of 40 credits across a minimum of 10 courses, although most students complete more than 10.

The following core courses are required of all Communication and Media majors (starting with the class entering in Fall 2016):

               COM 1020           Public Communication

               COM 2401           Intro to Mass Communication 

               COM 2801           Intro to Applied Communication 

               COM 2010           Research Inquiry (Offered in Spring Only)

               COM 4900           Senior Seminar (Offered in Fall Only)

Additional Requirements:

  • At least two (2) 3000-level courses
  • At least three (3) 4000-level courses.