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Why major in Economics?


Reasons why some of our students majored in economics:

  • I don’t know if I immediately liked the material, but I liked the way it made me think. I liked to analyze and understand. I decided to stick with it and while I was not the best, it became my major. Since I started so young, I finished early and picked up a second major in political science. The small classes and ability to have each professor more than once really helped me get to know everyone and feel comfortable within the department. They know you and cared.
  • “Because economics is not simply a field of study, it is a way to live your life,” Professor Donovan told me in my freshman year, “that once you open and understand an economics book, your very foundation and view of life will be forever changed.” She was right. No longer did I simply think about attaining a desire, a good, a want…my first thought became, how much is this “thing” worth to me. Beyond the simple value system that economics forces into you, I loved the way I viewed problems and issues. No longer did I think a simple solution could fix any systemic issue, I came to respect that any issue, and any action taken upon an other issue, has repercussions that must be thought about, repercussions that must be respected. This has enabled me to start my climb up the career ladder much faster than a simple business degree would have….
  • I took Economics courses to fill a requirement for computer science. Before I knew it, four courses turned into an Economics minor (6) and soon after, I decided to double major.
  • I viewed an Economics degree as a great way to gain an understanding of the business world.
  • My freshman year I took the Economics freshman seminar class with Professor Laramie. At the time I was only interested in Computer Science and simply wanted to get through the class to complete the freshman seminar requirement. After the first few classes I became absolutely fascinated with the subject matter, and by the end of the class I decided to take more Economics classes. After my next Economics class I decided to minor in Economics and after my next Simply stated, I found the more I was exposed to Economics, in large part due to the remarkable Economics faculty, the more captivated I was by the subject.
  • I majored in Finance with an Economics minor because economic theory and economics are the base for the financial markets.I felt that by having an economics background I could understand what makes the global economy work.I have since realized that economics is the base for everything, and if you know economics you can figure most anything out.
  • I had no intention of majoring in Economics at the beginning. However, as a political science major, I came to understand the importance of Economics and added it as a double major. Economics is an ideal fundamental base on which to build. I chose to couple it with political science, but it just as easily could be paired with Accounting, English, Psychology, etc.
  • Majoring in Economics provided the opportunity to critically think and gain an understanding and appreciation for our global economy.
  • I wanted a well-balanced degree and double majored in History and Economics. Economics makes you programmable (not programmed). My professors were excellent … . Our economic history should be learned and understood. Economics and History help us learn from the past, understand the present, to thus project a positive future.
  • To gain a greater understanding of how the public and private sectors and systems operate, to provide the material requirements of society, Economics was an outstanding complement to my double major in History.
  • I wanted to major in Finance rather than Science or Liberal Arts, and thought that an Economics degree would provide a broader education than a Finance, Accounting or Management degree.
  • Actually I began my undergraduate studies pursing a degree in Engineering. It was not until I selected courses in Economics as an elective that I became very interested. Ultimately my interest grew so strong that I made it my major.
  • I began to develop an interest in Economics after completing European History (19th century) and Philosophy (Plato, etc.). Slowly, I began to see how economics influenced political power. I also realized the social sciences needed to be supplemented by Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Taxation. Economics as a major allowed me to build a well-rounded curriculum of business with economic theory and models.
  • I felt it was the best way to combine a business-type education with more general courses. I didn’t want to limit myself to only business courses.
  • I wanted a “business major” that was not all numbers – like Accounting or Finance. I am very interested in the world – both socially and politically – and felt that this was the best major for me.

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