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Major Requirements

Philosophy Majors:

General Track 

  • PHL1000: Introduction to Philosophy
  • Two courses in Moral and/or Political Philosophy
  • Two courses in History of Philosophy
  • One course in Metaphysics
  • One course in Epistemology
  • Two Philosophy Electives

Ethics and Political Philosophy

  • PHL1000: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHL2080: Approaches to Ethics
  • PHL2040: Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • One course in History of Philosophy
  • One course in Metaphysics or Epistemology
  • One elective (any 3000-4000 level Philosophy course)
  • Three courses from the following:
    • PHL2100: Women, Ethics & Society
    • PHL2020: Perspectives on the Good Life
    • PHL2030: Contemporary Moral Problems
    • PHL2050: Ethics in the Professions
    • PHL2060: Biomedical Ethics
    • PHL2070: Environmental Ethics
    • PHL2090: Values in a Technological Culture
    • PHL2310: Plato and the Quest for Intellectual Vision
    • PHL2500: Theories of Justice
    • PHL3010: Human Rights: Theory & Practice
    • PHL3020: Philosophy of Law
    • PHL 3030: Global Justice
    • PHL3180: Existentialism
    • PHL3190: American Philosophy