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Visual & Performing Arts

The ARTS at Merrimack

The arts are fundamental to human experience. From prehistoric cave painting to digital drawings, from Medieval chants to modern pop music, from ancient Greek tragedies to the Broadway stage, all cultures have used the arts to declare their presence, define their aesthetic, understand their place in the world and find answers to the deepest questions.

The courses offered by the Visual & Performing Arts Department at Merrimack College are designed to immerse students in a rich, shared cultural tradition, unlock their creative potential, develop their analytical and performance skills, and prepare them for professional life or further study. Upon completion of a major in the Visual & Performing Arts, the student will be able to:

  • Critically analyze and evaluate scholarly materials and/or works of visual and performance art
  • Work cooperatively, effectively and creatively with his or her peers
  • Learn from his or her own intellectual and creative experiences
  • Communicate effectively in written and oral form

We believe that these can be invaluable assets in any career.

Many students come to Merrimack with a passion for a specific art form. Some discover theirs while they’re here. Our integrated approach to the Visual & Performing Arts is designed to nurture those passions, provide the knowledge and skills students will need to follow them wherever they may lead, and help students realize the fundamental benefits of an arts-centered life.

The Visual and Performing Arts Majors

Click on the links below to learn more about each Major.

Art and Art History
Graphic Design 
Theatre Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Minors

There are seven Minor programs available:  Art History, Graphic Design, Interdisciplinary Film Studies, Music, Studio Art, Theatre Arts, and Visual Storytelling. Click on the links below for the requirements to complete each Minor.

Art History
Graphic Design
Interdisciplinary Film Studies
Studio Art
Theatre Arts
Visual Storytelling



Please contact:
Laura Moore Pruett
Chair of Visual and Performing Arts 
Associate Professor, Music