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Visual & Performing Arts

Career Paths in the Visual and Performing Arts

Art and Art History

The Major in Art and Art History provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the arts and the background required to succeed in a variety of careers including critic, art coordinator, program consultant, museum and/or gallery positions, or as a teacher of art history. The program also provides the background necessary to pursue graduate studies.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Major helps students grow creatively; develop their conceptual and critical thinking abilities; and sharpens their technical skills. The Major prepares students to succeed in a dynamic and constantly changing industry. Students can find employment opportunities in advertising and marketing agencies, corporations, non-for-profit institutions and more. The Major also can serve as a foundation for creative work in fine arts, or further study in a graduate program.

Film Studies

The Film Minor is designed to develop students’ analytical and creative skills, while providing students with the opportunity to learn film and video production techniques. In both art and commercial settings, the IFS Minor can lead to opportunities in filmmaking, producing, screenwriting, directing, editing, film criticism, and more.


Students enrolled in the Merrimack College Music Minor develop critical and analytical skills, plus habits of creativity and discipline, that are useful in nearly all careers. The Music Minor at Merrimack can be easily combined with a major to broaden a student’s career options. A student majoring in Business, for example, could add the Music Minor to prepare for a career in the recording industry, or arts management. Or, a student studying the Health Sciences could minor in Music in preparation for a master’s program in Music Therapy. Whether to enhance a student’s career options, or as preparation for graduate study, the Music Minor can be a valuable addition to the Liberal Arts foundation.

Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Major prepares students for careers in live theater production, arts management and/or performance. Graduates will be equipped to pursue a range of opportunities – actor, director, writer, technician, designer, etc. – in a number of arts-related fields including theatre, television, film, corporate communications, advertising, and more. A Theatre Arts Major is also valuable in other careers that require collaborative skills, creative imagination, and discipline – education/training, management, and the law, for example. For budding entrepreneurs, a Theatre Arts degree will sharpen their creative abilities, especially when paired with a co-major or minor in Business. The degree also provides the necessary foundation for further graduate school training.

Visual Storytelling

Stories are fundamental to human communication. The skills promoted by the Visual Storytelling Minor – the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, the ability to harness creativity in framing a message, the ability to educate and entertain, as well as the ability to build a “brand” – can be invaluable in a wide variety of career settings. Combined with a degree in Business, English, Graphic Design, Communications, and/or Theatre Arts, the Visual Storytelling Minor can enhance a student’s prospects for a career in advertising, marketing, corporate training, or any number of related fields.


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