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Cell and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences

The Concentration

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Science together drive the modern life sciences deeper into the 21st century. Dedicated professionals working in these fields have improved the quality of life by developing novel drug therapies that transform the treatment of diseases; by the genetic engineering of bacteria to help clean up oil spills; and by developing new fermentation technologies in the production of biofuels.

Students in the Department of Biology at Merrimack College prepare for their careers by engaging in and accomplishing cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology and biomedical science. The Department has established the  Center for Student Research in the Life Sciences to help students with career interests across the Life Sciences, inckuding in Biotechnology and Biomedical Science, to gets hands-on and active research experiences with our faculty.

  • We have renovated lab space in Mendel Science Center and received a major gift donation of laboratory equipment from Wyeth to support student/faculty research in the concentration.
  • We have also facilitated the procurement of student internship opportunities for several Merrimack biology majors at area companies, the inauguration of a Seminar Series in Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences and membership in the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.


Integrating Technology and Learning

Students learn classic and cutting edge recombinant DNA technology theory and practice. From the genome to the transcriptome to the proteonome students learn how the foundations of modern molecular genetics underpin recent discoveries, global initiatives and novel technologies.

Students participate in ongoing research projects as they learn current techniques performed regularly in all cell and molecular biology labs in industry and biomedical research: PCR, restriction analysis, ligation and transformation, bacterial protein expression, in situ hybridization, western blotting, chemiluminescent detection and basic bioinformatics.

Building Careers

Graduating seniors are prepared to enter the workforce directly with their baccalaureate degree, or proceed on to graduate schools or medical programs. The Boston area represents one of the richest job/career markets in the world for biotechnology and biomedical sciences.

We prepare students for jobs and/or further study in life sciences, including research positions in biotechnology and biomedical sciences laboratories, clinical laboratories, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; sales and marketing positions in the life science industry; graduate school (M.S. and Ph.D. programs); professional schools (med, vet, and dental); patent and intellectual property law; biostatistics; bioinformatics and data management.

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