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Health Sciences

Internship Experiences




Breanne Dowdie, Sports Medicine

YMCA Active Science | Active Children, Active Life



Brett Medeiros, Sports Medicine

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network Physical Therapy | Comparison of Standard Clinical Physical Therapy Measurements and 3D Gait Analysis Technology



Chris Fazzina, Sports Medicine 

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network Physical Therapy | Analysis of Two Methods of Assessing Shoulder Posterior Capsule Tightness and Internal Rotation



Ned Morley, Sports Medicine 

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network Physical Therapy | The Effects of Low Back Pain and How to Prevent It



Eddie Newton,  Sports Medicine 

Lowell General Physician Assistant | Life With a Metal Knee



Kristina Ruotolo,  Health Science 

Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network Occupational Therapy | A Closer Look into the Diagnosis & Therapy Treatment of Syndactyly



Kaitlyn McHugh, Sports Medicine 

Athletic Evolution | Literature Review: Comparison of Program Designs for Muscle Strains



Meghan Baraw, Health Science 

Lawrence General Hospital Emergency Center | A Statistical Analysis of Emergency Medicine Comparing Lawrence General Hospital to Nationwide Hospitals



Alex Cassell, Sports Medicine 

Drive Health and Fitness | What Drives You? Drive Health and Fitness



Fiona Coleman,  Sports Medicine 

Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm & Off-Season Sports and Physical Therapy | Holistic Approach to Rehabilitative Medicine


Zachary Henderson, Health Science 

Doctors Express | Amyloidosis and The Artificial Heart



Kendrick Lim, Health Science 

Lawrence General Hospital & Orthopaedics Northeast | The Extrinsic Model of Healthcare: A Distinction of the Misconceptions Surrounding Similar Practices in Medicine and Nursing



Theresa O’Loughlin, Health Science 

Merrimack College—Dining Services | Promoting Healthy Eating at Merrimack College



Ashley Perry, Sports Medicine 

The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention | Maximizing Performance Through Injury Prevention








Jordan Schnopp, Sports Medicine 

Tufts University: Healthy Kids Out of School Initiative | Health, Nutrition & Exercise: Reverse the Trend





Shane Ferguson,  Sports Medicine 

Merrimack College Strength and Conditioning | Squat School