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Mathematics Placement Exam


The Mathematics Placement Exam is designed to assess the level of your preparedness for college level mathematics. Almost all students will take at least one mathematics course during their time at Merrimack, so ensuring that you begin with one for which you are prepared is an important first step.  Your performance on this exam will not adversely affect your admission status, your eligibility for financial aid, or your grade in any course. We do not want you to waste your time or your money taking a mathematics course that is too hard for you or too easy for you; the results of this exam will enable us to determine the appropriate mathematics course for you to take based on your demonstrated ability and your choice of major.




Take your Mathematics Placement Exam

This exam is available online through the College’s Blackboard Academic Suite. Please refer to your welcome email sent to your personal email account for your log-in information.  If you did not receive this, please contact the Academic Success Center at or 978-837-5754.

Please complete the exam as soon as possible after you make your deposit.

Once you log in, select the “course” Mathematics Placement Exam where you will find additional instructions about taking the exam and interpreting your results. 

As the online directions indicate, you will have one hour to complete the exam. You may use pencil and paper for your calculations but you should not use any books, notes, or calculators. You should not receive assistance from any individuals while taking this exam. As soon as you complete the exam, you will receive your exam score. Refer back to the online directions for information about which mathematics course is appropriate for your score and your choice of major. Within a few days after you complete the exam, we will review your exam score and register you in an appropriate mathematics course.

If you have any questions before, during, or after the exam, please contact the Office of Academic Success and Student Support at or 978-837-5754. 


Please refer to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Sheet which was sent to you by the Admissions Office; this document reflects the courses that Merrimack College has already accepted in transfer as well as any that may still be under review.


You must take the Merrimack College Mathematics Placement Exam (MPE) before you register for your first math course unless you have transfer credit for MTH 1115 or MTH 1217. Our MPE is administered as a “course” through the College’s Blackboard Academic Suite.

If you have not taken the MPE but are enrolled in the MPE “course” on Blackboard, you can log in, read the directions, and complete the exam. When you have completed the MPE, send an e-mail to the Office of Academic Success and Student Support at; in this e-mail, please indicate your major, so the office can tell the Registrar’s Office which mathematics courses you should be allowed to take.

If you have not taken the MPE and it is not listed on Blackboard as one of the courses in which you are currently enrolled, contact the Office of Academic Success and Student Support at or 978-837.5754.

If you have previously taken the MPE but do not feel that the exam result is an accurate reflection of your current level of mathematical ability, you may retake the exam in a proctored environment by making an appointment with Mrs. Kathleen Mushow LeBlanc, Secretary of the Department of Mathematics, at 978-837-5499 or by e-mail at