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Kelli Readey’s Abstract Art

March 25, 2014
Digital Design Student’s Work on Display in the Dean’s Office

Kelli Readey was born and raised in Stratford, Connecticut. She is currently a sophomore at Merrimack College, majoring in digital design and hoping to minor in photography. Before taking Professor Lovely’s class 2-Dimensional Design in the spring semester of 2013, Kelli had not painted or drawn much.

“I was excited to find out I didn’t have to be a fantastic artist to create abstract works,” Kelli said. “I took everything I learned from Professor Lovely throughout the semester to create this piece as my final project. I was inspired by an earlier project we were assigned, which had to include the primary colors. I created a small piece similar to the final project, but only with interlocking squares of blue, red and yellow. I loved that piece so much that I decided to make it bigger and better and to add splatters within each separate section.

In the red squares I splattered with blue and yellow, in the yellow squares I splattered with red and blue, and with the blue squares I splattered with red and yellow. This incorporated the primary colors throughout the entire piece cohesively. Although it looks simple, it was one of the most difficult and time-consuming class projects I had created all semester. I am now pleased to say that all that time and hard work has paid off: I am nothing but thrilled with the way it came out.”

Kelli’s work is now on display in the Dean’s office in Cushing Hall. Dean Tiemann first saw it unframed in the hallway of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. She asked Professor Raymond where it came from and he said it was a student art class project. “I asked if we might frame it,” Dean Tiemann said, “so I could put it in my office. He asked Kelli and she agreed. It’s my hope to do this every year and to move the framed art into the halls of the building to put our students’ work on display.” 

Kelli Readey and her work  Kelli Readey and her work

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    Kelli Readey

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