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O’Brien Center for Student Success

4 Year Plan

Career Planning starts with the first year of college. Below you will find a listing of different actions and steps to take during your four years at Merrimack College. Not all of the suggestions may be applicable to everyone. You may also download the 4 Year Plan here.


Freshmen | EXPLORE

Explore what Merrimack College has to offer!

  • Adjust to college—learn to balance your new academic challenges and social life.
  • Attend class!
  • Get to know your RA and the people on your floor. 
  • Learn how to use our online internship and job search system, ADVANTAGE.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss areas of study that interest you.
  • Revise your résumé from high school and/or start building one from scratch.
  • Get involved! Join one or two student organizations to meet new people.
  • Make an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your FOCUS assessment results and the relationship between different majors and careers.
  • Apply for a work study and employment opportunities through ADVANTAGE.
  • Explore our new resources VAULT  and GOING GLOBAL.
  • Network! Network! Network!

Sophomores | ENGAGE

Engage in the Merrimack College community.

  • Think about study abroad for your junior year.
  • Consider an internship for the summer.
  • Get to know your professors.
  • Apply for an RA or Orientation Leader position.
  • Participate in a job shadow program where you meet with professionals in different industries. Volunteer in activities sponsored through the Stevens Service Learning Center or Alternative Spring Break through Campus Ministry.
  • Update and revise your résumé.
  • Meet with a career advisor to obtain a co-op or internship.
  • Join the Alumni Mentor Program.
  • Network! Network! Network!

Juniors | EVALUATE

Evaluate exactly what you want to do or achieve.

  • Perform informational interviews to narrow your career interest areas.
  • Begin researching post-graduate national fellowships and scholarships.
  • Join a professional association related to your major.
  • Participate in interviewing, cover letter writing, and other job-search workshops.
  • Take on additional leadership positions in athletics or co-curricular programs.
  • Take a semester to study abroad and explore other countries.
  • Start exploring whether graduate school or a year of service are right opportunities for you.
  • Attend on-campus fairs and employer information sessions related to your major or interests.

Seniors | EVOLVE

Evolve into a marketable, professional employee.

  • Put your job search campaign in high gear! Commit yourself to a thorough search.
  • If applicable, take graduate school entrance exams and complete graduate school applications.
  • Apply for jobs and participate in as many interviews as possible.
  • Update your résumé and keep it updated. Upload the most recent to ADVANTAGE.
  • Develop an employer prospect list with contact names and addresses from organizations you are interested in pursuing.
  • Use INTERVIEWSTREAM to practice interviewing. Keep track of your interview results and assess your performance after each interview.
  • Gather information on realistic salary expectations.
  • Join the Merrimack College Alumni LinkedIn account.
  • Conduct a social media audit of your own accounts.
  • Let the O’Brien Center for Student Success know when you have been accepted into grad school or found a job.
  • Network! Network! Network!