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Office of the Provost

Faculty Development Grants


2014 -2015 Grants

Faculty Name  Position  Department  Project Title 
Jack Adams Associate Professor/ Co-Chair Electrical Engineering Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields using the Electric Scalar and Magnetic Vector Potentials 
Taesoo Ahn Assistant Professor Sports Management  Examining the Effect of Discount Frame and Team Identification on Ticket Bundling 
Brandy Benedict  Associate Professor Mathematics Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Cholera in Post-earthquake Haiti
Charlotte Berkes Assistant Professor Biology Development of Novel Antifungal Drug Targets
Hillary Blakeley Assistant Professor Psychology  Effects on Gamification on Student Motivation and Achievement
Gavril Bilev Assistant Professor Political Science  Checking the Boss: Legislative Autonomy and Executive Contestation in the Russian Regions 1922-2005
John”Sean” Condon Associate Professor/ Chair History Labor Obligations in the Atlantic World, 1400-1800
Michael Corcoran Assistant Professor Health Sciences  Implementation of Nutrition-education Manuals Designed to Improve Diets of Low Income Underserved Populations
Monica Cowart Associate Dean/ Associate Professor Philosophy  The Challenge of DSM-5: Guidance on Creating an Ethical Cultural Sensitive Intake Model that Gives Voice to Oppressed Populations
Michael DeCesare Associate Professor/ Chair Sociology  Death on Demand: Jack Kevorkian and the Right to Die Movement
Anthony Fernandez Associate Professor Chemistry Using X-ray Diffraction to Gain Insight into the Solid-State Reactivity of [Me PN (Me)iPr]Rh-X Complexes 
Laura Hall-Seelig Associate Professor Mathematics  Simultaneous Solutions to the System Equation x+y+z=k and xyz=1 When the Associated Curve has Rank 1
Christina Hardway Associate Professor Psychology  Promoting Curiosity in the Classroom: Video Based Prompts to Enhance Students’ Interest in New Content and Improve Outcomes 
George Heffernan Professor Philosophy Phenomenology of Evidences: Promises, Problems, and Prospects 
He Li Professor Political Science  Political Thought and China’s Transformation: Ideas Shaping the Reform of Post-Mao China
Matthew Isbell Associate Professor Communication  Introducing Collaboration - Book Proposal Chapter Outline, Position Paper
Sirkwoo Jin Assistant Professor Management  Team Emotional Labor and Team Performance: The Moderating Role of Emotional Leadership
James Kaklamanos Assistant Professor Civil and Mechanical Engineering  Uncertainty in Predicting Earthquake-Induced Ground Motion 
Joseph Kelley Assoc. Professor/ Director Jewish Christian Muslim Rel. Religious and Theological Studies Book Proposal: An Augustinian Foundation of Christian Spirituality Useful for Contemporary Dialogue
R.David MacLaren Associate Professor Biology Investigating the Effects of Environmentally Realistic Herbicide and Pharmaceutical Exposure on Hormone Concentration, Reproductive and Aggressive Behavior in Fish
Michael Mascolo Professor Psychology  The Role of Care in Moral Development 
Lynn McGovern Professor World Languages and Cultural Studies  A Novel Approach to Short-Term Study Abroad Using the Literature of Isabel Allende
Jane Parent Associate Professor Management  Developing a Model of Employee Engagement, Positive Organizational Psychology and Organizational Change
Laura Pruett Assistant Professor Visual and Performing Arts  La nuit des tropiques and A Montevideo: A Critical Edition of Two Symphonies by Louis Moreu Gottschalk
Sandra Raponi Assistant Professor Philosophy  A Pluralist Approach to Global Distributive Justice
Luis Saenz de Viguera  Associate Professor World Languages and Cultural Studies “i Tigre Blanco, heroe del Barrio! Living and Dying Latina/o in the World of Super Heros” 
Raymond Shaw Associate Professor/Director of General Ed Psychology  Textbook Prospectus: Re-Creating the Psychological Statics Course
Sally Shockro Assistant Professor History  Gramatica, Literacy, and Monastic Education in the Early Middle Ages
Christopher Stuetzle Assistant Professor Computer Science  Multiple User Interaction for Graph Datasets
Andrew Tollison Assistant Professor Communication  Incorporating Person-Centeredness into the Nurse-Patient Relationship: A Model for Increasing Communication and Patient Satisfaction 
Jacob Turner  Associate Professor Communication  A Comparative and Quantitative Content Analysis of Two Nightly Sports News and Recap Shows as Produced and Broadcast by Two Prominent Sports Media and Agenda Setters. ESPN and Fox Sports 1
Marc Veletzos  Associate Professor Civil and Mechanical Engineering  Ground Motion Selection for Segmental Bridge Modeling 
William Wians Professor Philosophy  the Search for Beginnings in Plato’s Symposium