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Office of the Provost

Faculty Development Grants


2015 -2016 Grants

Faculty Name  Position  Department  Project Title 
Jack Adams Associate Professor/ Co-Chair Electrical Engineering Relating the Pattern of Radiation Emitted by a Real-World Helical Antenna to “Intrinsic” Properties of Spin and  Angular Momentum 
Taesoo Ahn Assistant Professor Sport Management  Bundling Ticket Promotion Strategy in Merrimack College Athletic Department
Mark Allman  Professor Religious & Theological Studies Major Revision of Who Would Jesus Kill?
Gavril Bilev Assistant Professor Political Science In and Out: Exploring the Interaction of Domestic and International Democratization Mechanisms through Stimulation
John”Sean” Condon Associate Professor/ Chair History Chapter One of book manuscript tentatively entitled: The Bonds of Family: Slavery and Freedom in Southern Maryland 1760-1860
John Gallagher Assistant Professor Civil Engineering  Simulation of the Large Field Behavior of [001]c Relaxor Ferroelectric Single Crystals Using a Work-Energy Model with Limited Experimentation
Jose Godinez Assistant Professor Management The Dimensions of Corruption and its Impact on FDI Decision Making: the case of Central America
Christina Hardway Associate Professor Psychology Promoting curiosity in the classroom: Video-based prompts to enhance students’ interest in new content and improve learning related outcomes. 
George Heffernan Professor Philosophy Arendt in Jerusalem: Kant, Heidegger, and Arendt on What I Means to Think
Daniel Herda  Assistant Professor Sociology Tracking Ignorance: A Longitudinal Examination of Immigrant Population Innumeracy in Europe and the United States
Matthew Isbell Associate Professor Communication Arts & Sciences Collaboration Book- Unit 2 completion, Unit 3-Creation, Unit 4-Vetting
Sirkwoo Jin Assistant Professor Sport Management  Creativity-relevant reward system: Managing creativity through non-contingent and flexible rewards on creative competencies
James Kaklamanos Assistant Professor Civil Engineering  A New Software Platform for Geotechnical Engineering in the Statistical Language and Environment R
Warren Kay Professor Religious & Theological Studies Writing invited article on spirituality and running for the German theological journal Theologisches Gespräch. Freikirchliche Beiträge zur Theologie.
He Li Professor Political Science  Neo-authoritarianism and China’s Reform
R.David MacLaren Associate Professor Biology Investigating the effects of environmentally realistic exposures to fluoxetine and atrazine on reproductive behavior in male sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna
Lynn McGovern Professor World Languages & Cultures Study Abroad: Dynamic Transition
Krista McQueeney Associate Professor Criminology “Wounded by the Church:” Emotions and the Construction of Moral Indentitites in Lesbian-and Gay-Affirming Congregations
Sandra Raponi Assistant Professor Philosophy Cyberabuse, Free Speech and the Law
Autumn Alcott Ridenour Assistant Professor Religious & Theological Studies Book Project, Sabbath Rest as Vocation: Re-imaging Aging through Union with Christ
Luis Saenz de Viguera Erkiaga Associate Professor World Languages & Cultures The Radical Paradigm: Alternative Culture, Antihegemony and Political Struggle (Basque Country, 1978…) Book Proposal  and book chapter
Patricia Sendall Professor Management High Impact Experiential Leaning Opportunities in Business School Curricula
Sally Shockro Assistant Professor History Online Training in Paleography and Codicology
Ava Silva  Assistant Professor Accounting & Finance Capital Good Fund: Microfinance in the US
Andrew N. Smith  Assistant Professor Marketing  Understanding Visual Word-of-Mouth Rhetoric & its Relationship with Consumer Response
Michael Stroud Assistant Professor Psychology Apple iBooks as a way for creating a more engaging and effective teaching and learning tool
Christopher Stuetzle Assistant Professor Computer Science Representing Terrain Surface Data with Procedural Mathematical Operators
Andrew C. Tollison Assistant Professor  Communication Arts & sciences Incorporating Person-Centeredness into the Nurse-Patient Relationship: An Age Cohort Analysis of Patient Satisfaction and Communication Practices
Jacob S. Turner Associate Professor Communication Arts & Sciences A comparative and quantitative content analysis of two nightly sports news and recaps shows as produced and broadcast by two prominent sports media conglomerates and agenda setters, ESPN and Fox Sports 1.
William Wians  Professor Philosophy Piety and Care of Self in Plato’s Euthyphro
Fang Zhao Assistant Professor Accounting & Finance  CPA Certification