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New students


Welcome to Merrimack! We are excited about your interest in living on campus.  

Complete Your Housing Form

As a new student (incoming first year student or transfer), you will complete a profile and housing application to indicate your preferences for building/room type and roommate requests. 

We assign students into rooms based on the date of deposit to the college; someone with an early deposit date has a better chance of receiving one of their top choices of building/room type than someone who paid a deposit closer to/after the deposit deadline. The date you complete your housing form isn’t taken into consideration when spaces are assigned - it is based on the date you deposit to the college. This means you don’t need to rush to fill out your form - take your time and save a draft before hitting submit application to make sure you are happy with how you’ve filled out the form.

First year students live in Deegan Hall, Ash Centre, and Monican Centre. Merrimack College offers a variety of different housing options for students. Both standard and value rooms are available in every building on campus. Value rooms accommodate an additional roommate and are equipped with city-style furniture to maximize the space in the room. A full listing of the room and board pricing can be found on the Bursar’s office website

Your completed housing forms are due on June 30; if you are applying to be part of the Austin Scholars or Wellness Living Learning Communities, you need to complete your form by June 15.

If you will be living in the Honors Community you do not need to indicate on your housing form that you will be an Honors student. The Honors program will inform us of your status. Please be sure to fully complete the housing application, so we are aware of your living preferences. 

You will be able to log into Merrimack’s Residence portal starting on May 15 and will have until June 30 to complete your housing form. Before submitting your form, you can “save as a draft” and go back to make changes and edits. When you are finished. click “submit application”. Once you click “submit”, your application is final and can’t be changed. 

You will use your Merrimack log in and password to access the site. For example, if your Merrimack username is smithb, you log into the site with smithb (not

If you have deposited to the college after May 9, it may take up to a week for your account to be ready to log in.








Roommate Matching

Roommate matching is done in a variety of ways. Students have the option of, but are not required to, select specific roommate(s).

1. You might already know who you want to live with. On the top right hand side of your screen, you have a passcode which is a combination of letters and numbers specific to you. You can give your passcode to your preferred roommate(s) and enter them under the “group” tab. The other person will need to log in and can accept or deny the matching.

Important Tip: Your roommate must have started his/her application in order for them to be eligible to be selected in the system. They do not need to have submitted their application but they do need to have a draft saved.

2. You can find someone you want to live with. Click on the roommate matching tab on the top of the page. You can search for other students whose answers are similar to yours. If you don’t receive many/any results, try back a few days later once more students have answered questions about themselves so you can be matched with them. You can message students directly through this and talk to each other to see if you will be a good roommate match. Once you’ve found roommate(s) that you want to live with, you can confirm that. On the top right hand side of your screen, you have a passcode which is a combination of letters and numbers specific to you. You can give your passcode to your preferred roommate(s) and enter them under the “group” tab.

3. Our office will match you with roommate(s) based on the answers you submitted in your questionnaire. 

Housing assignments are sent to students via their Merrimack email accounts the week of July 28.

Click here to log in and start completing your form.