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Residence Life

Guests in your room

Most students like to have their friends visit them in their residence hall room. However, this can become a problem when a guest is there so frequently that you have another roommate.

Before you and your roommate(s) start inviting people to stay over it is important to discuss limits on guests. These are some questions you should come to a resolution on:

  • Are there times when guests cannot be in the room?
  • Are overnight guests permitted?
  • Can guests come over when you are not in the room?
  • Is there a limit on how many guests you are comfortable with being in the room?
  • Can guests use the shared suite bathroom to shower?
Register your guest

If you are having a non resident student visit be sure to register them online before they arrive. Your guest needs to have the guest pass with them at all times - either on a smart phone or printed out. Register your guest HERE. For more information on Merrimack College’s overnight guest policy please read the Student Handbook.

Extra Help
roommate contract can help to set guidelines. If you have created one of these then it may be helpful to refer back to it from time to time. Keep it current and make sure it still applies to your roommate situation. Ask your Resident Assistant (RA) for help creating a contract.