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The Writing Center

Reasons To Visit

We have a variety of services to offer at the writing center, including services for:

Writers wishing to polish their work:
If you’re an accomplished writer who wants to sharpen your presentation or improve your style, tutors can act as informed, critical readers to help you fine-tune your work.

Writers lacking confidence in their abilities:
Tutors in the Writing Center won’t spend a lot of time talking about what’s wrong with your writing—you already know the problems. Tutors will help you work on those problems, but more importantly, they will help you to recognize and build your strengths as a writer.

Writers facing an intimidating assignment:
The Writing Center is staffed with tutors from a number of different majors; chances are there’s a tutor familiar with the course (maybe even the professor) you’re having problems with. All tutors are trained to help you understand the requirements of specific assignments and to help you get started with writing.

Writers for whom English is a second, third, or fourth language:
Tutors appreciate the difficulty you face working with a language you haven’t quite mastered yet. The individual attention offered in the Writing Center will help you not only with particular assignments, but also with mastering the conventions of written English.

Writers with learning disabilities:
While tutors are not experts in learning disabilities, they do appreciate different learning styles. Tutors can help you understand assignments, work out strategies to complete assignments, and talk through the writing process.

Writers needing help with formatting and documentation
The Writing Center has a number resource books on writing in many disciplines, and tutors can help you find necessary information.

That’s what the Writing Center is here for—to work with writers, no matter what their needs or levels of ability. Who needs the Writing Center? You do! Come in and see what the Writing Center can do for you!