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Sport Management

Concentration Requirements

Courses in the sport management concentration will integrate knowledge of business and sports.  In addition to completing all core business courses, the sport management program will require five courses, including the following:

Required Sport Management Core:

  • SPM 3000 Introduction to Sport Management
  • SPM 3005 Sport Marketing  
  • SPM 4000 Sport Practicum

The concentration requirement includes the above three courses plus two additional sport management elective courses below:

  • SPM 3500 Legal Environment of Sports
  • SPM 4250 Facilities and Event Management
  • SPM 4900 Advanced Topics in Sport Management
  • MGT 3325 Ethics and Social Responsibility

Course Offerings

SPM 3000 Introduction to Sport Management

In this course, students will be introduced to the unique opportunities and operational aspects of a sport management career.  The course will provide introductory exposure to the following areas: the historical evolution of American and international sports; the relationship between the mass media and the sports industry; the economic impact of sports; the interactive relationship between sports and society; and legal and ethical issues in sport management. 

SPM 3005 Sport Marketing

Marketing is a critical function in the sport organization.  Sport marketing exposes students to the dynamics of marketing a sport organization.  Topics include promotion, public relations, event sponsorship, strategic marketing, and consumer behavior, brand management.

SPM 3500 Legal Environment of Sports

This course examines the legal issues arising from the areas of amateur and professional sport.  Areas of study include, but are not limited to, constitutions; legal enactments; policy making in sport management; case law related to administrative, constitutional, contract, labor, product liability, and tort law; and risk-management techniques.  

SPM 4000 Sport Management Practicum

The practicum provides students with experiential learning opportunities relevant to the sport management career.  This “hands-on” experience allows students to learn how their educational training applies to a sport organization. 

SPM 4250 Facilities and Event Management

This course is designed to prepare students to plan and manage sport and recreation facilities and events.  Students will study and discuss client needs and the theories involved in planning, constructing, and managing facilities.  Field trips to commercial and educational recreation facilities will occur throughout the semester.   Students will review contemporary event promotion practices in the industry as well as the history of marketing events.  Event types of study will include sporting events, concerts, trade shows, conventions, festivals, and exhibits.  In addition, fundraising for event activities will be discussed.

SPM 4900 Advanced Topics in Sport Management

This course covers advanced topics in sport management not addressed in sport management courses or other elective.