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School of Education & Social Policy

Criminology Program of Study

Major Requirements

Before entering the Criminology program, students are required to take Introduction to Criminology (CRM 1000). This prerequisite course gives students baseline knowledge for all courses taught in the Criminology Department.

Satisfying the requirements for the major in Criminology includes completing a minimum of 40 credits in the major and a minimum of 10 courses as specified below. For a major, students must achieve at least a 2.0 grade point average in their major courses.

The following five courses are required of all Criminology majors:

  • CRM 1000 - Introduction to Criminology (formerly SOC3200 Criminology and Penology)
  • CRM 3000 Society and Law (formerly SOC 3120 Sociology of Law)
  • CRM 4000 Research Methods in Criminology (offered in Fall)
  • CRM 4500 Statistics in Criminology (offered in Spring)
  • CRM 4800 Criminology Internship (formerly SOC4861) OR
  • CRM 4850 Criminology Internship (formerly SOC4866) OR
  • CRM 4855 Criminology Summer Internship

Criminology majors select five electives from the following courses:

  • CRM 2000 Youth, Deviance, and Crime (formerly SOC3040 Juvenile Delinquency) 
  • CRM 2200 Corporate and White Collar Crime (formerly SOC3060)
  • CRM 2300 Hate Crimes (formerly SOC3700)
  • CRM 3050(W) Female Deviance, Crime and Social Control (formerly SOC3050W)
  • CRM 3380(W) Race, Class and Crime (formerly SOC3380W)
  • CRM 3430 Criminal Justice and Mental Health (formerly SOC3430)
  • CRM 3500 Domestic Violence (formerly SOC3500)
  • CRM 3900 Incarceration (formerly SOC3900)
  • CRM 4900 Directed Study
  • CRM 4910 Directed Study

OR THREE Criminology electives can be chosen from the following list of cognate courses. Cognates are courses related to the field of Criminology, but offered outside of the Department of Criminology.

  • SOC1001 Ways of Seeing I: The Sociological Imagination
  • SOC 2050 Social Work
  • PHL 2500 Theories of Justice
  • PHL 3020 Philosophy of Law
  • PHL 3030 Global Justice
  • POL 3150 Criminal Law
  • POL 3151 American Constitutional Law
  • PSY 3340 Developmental Psychopathology
  • PSY 3410 Adult Psychopathology