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Graduate Programs

Civil Engineering Curriculum

Curriculum and Degree Requirements - Civil Engineering

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering combines foundational four-credit courses with electives for a total of 32 credit hours.  

Core Courses (12 credits)
GEN 5001 Introduction to Systems Engineering
GEN 6002 Numerical Methods

and one from the following:
GEN 6001 Finite Elements
GEN 6004 Project Management
EEN 5265 Engineering Management
GEN 6034 Life Cycle Costing

Electives (20 credits)

A minimum of two electives must be chosen from the courses listed below.  Students may take all five electives from this list if they choose.  A maximum of three electives can be chosen from the business curriculum of the Girard School of Business.  A maximum of two electives (4 - 8 credits) may be transferred in. 

CEN 5012 Steel Analysis
CEN 5016 Concrete Analysis & Design
CEN 5020 Foundation Design
CEN 5022 Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures
CEN 5030 Environmental Design
CEN 5032 Applied Hydrology
CEN 5040 Geometric Design of Highways
CEN 5042 Traffic Engineering
CEN 5044 Transportation Systems Analysis
CEN 5050 Construction Planning & Management
GEN 6001 Finite Elements
GEN 6004 Project Management
GEN 6010 Earthquake Engineering
GEN 6012 Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
GEN 6014 Advanced Structural Analysis
GEN 6020 Principles & Applications of Geographic Information Systems
GEN 6022 Pavement Management Systems
GEN 6024 Building Information Models
GEN 6030 Urban Hydrology & Storm Water Management
GEN 6032 Sustainable Infrastructure Systems
GEN 6034 Life Cycle Costing
GEN 6999 Directed Study (faculty approval required)

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