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Office of International Programs

Pellegrinaggio, Italy

For the past fifteen years Father Jim Wenzel has been taking groups of pilgrims through the footsteps of St. Augustine.

This ten day experience has been designed for members of the Merrimack College family. This includes Administrators, Alumni/ae, Faculty members, friends, Members of the Board of Trustees, and Augustinian friars who request to participate. Its purpose is to educate participants about the centrality of the charisms of COMMUNITY, SPIRIUALITY, and SERVICE in the Augustinan tradition. It fosters the building of community along those who travel to Italy together visting sites of interest and importance in the life of St. Augustine of Hippo Regius and the history of Augustinian Order, also known as Augustinian friars.

The Pellegrinaggio in Italia is a process of assisting participating pilgrims to grow in their understanding of Merrimack College’s identity and mission. The structure of this collaborative work provides opportunities for the pilgrims to experience three of the most distinctive Augustinian characteristics: communityspirituality, and service.

Community: Striving to be One in Mind and Heart on the Way to God;

Spirituality: Engaging in a Restless Search for Truth and Meaning;

Service: Building up ‘The City of God’ and Dedicating oneself selflessly to the Common Good.