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Career Paths

Philosophy in the News


Merrimack Philosophy graduates can be found working:

  • From San Diego to Washington D.C., Europe and Africa
  • As Lawyers, Doctors, Professors, Political Advisors, Computer Scientists, Financial Analysts, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Artists, Social Workers, Nonprofit Organization Directors, Audiologists, Historians, Authors, Business Professionals, and Mental Health Professionals.

Philosophy teaches:

  • Problem solving. Analytical skills. Critical thinking. Systematic study skills. Ethical reasoning. Communication skills. Persuasion and argumentative skills. Writing skills. Development and Assessment of methods and standards. Advocacy. Creativity. Understanding of other disciplines.

Philosophers study:

  • Ideas, issues, and fundamental truths.  They are on a quest for a comprehensive understanding of the world, to study principles of conduct, and much more….the method of studying philosophy may be used in the study of any subject and in the pursuit of any vocation.
  • Questions central to the fields of Medicine, Law, Science, Journalism, History, Psychology, Technology, Literature, Film, the Environment, Public Policy, Religion, Education, and Business.

Why major in Philosophy?

  • The problem-solving, analytical, judgmental, and synthesizing capacities that philosophy develops are unrestricted in their scope and unlimited in their usefulness (APA online).
  • Philosophy majors excel on advanced standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT, and LSAT.
  • Many Merrimack Philosophy majors also pursue degrees in other disciplines in the liberal arts, business, and sciences. The Merrimack Philosophy Department encourages, supports, and actively participates in interdisciplinary pursuits.
  • Our philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau, affords students the opportunity to interact with others in their discipline.

See the American Philosophical Association’s Guide for Undergraduates briefgd.aspx