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Michael Mascolo


Professor of Psychology

B.A., Psychology, Southern Connecticut State College
M.A., Psychology, State University of New York, Albany
Ph.D., Psychology, State University of New York, Albany
Phone: (978) 837 - 3503
Office: Sullivan Hall, 10C 
About Me:

I received my Ph.D from the University at Albany (State University of New York) and completed post-doctoral training at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.  My work is directed toward elaborating an integrative Coactive Systems Approach to psychological development.  My research interests include the development of thinking, feeling and acting across the lifespan; the epigenetic and coactive nature of human development; the development of selfhood in socio-cultural context; the development of self-evaluative and moral emotions; how psychotherapy works as a developmental process; the development of love and sexuality; teaching and learning in higher education; and the development of everyday skills.   I am also the author or editor of several books and numerous articles, book chapters and papers on issues related to human development.  Finally, I am the founding editor of Pedagogy and the Human Sciences and the senior editor and contributor to North Shore Children & Families, a monthly parenting newspaper for families on Boston’s north shore.

Courses Taught:

PSY 2300: Developmental Psychology
PSY 3310: The Development of Intelligence and Thinking
PSY 2400: Social and Personality Development
PSY 3250: Cultural Psychology
PSY 4900: The Coactive Construction of Self
PSY 4900: Ethnographic Internship in Psychology
PSY 4900: The Concept of Self through Short Fiction
PSY 4900: Language, Self and Social Life
PSY 2450: Love, Sex and Relationships
Tools for an Examined Life (seminar devoted to fostering the development of higher-order reading, writing and critical thinking skills)


Selected Publications and Conference Proceedings:


Basseches, M., & Mascolo, M. F. (2010).  Psychotherapy as a developmental process. New York, N.Y.: Routledge/Taylor & Francis.   

Mascolo, M. F.., & Li, J. (Eds.) (2004).  Culture and self: Beyond dichotomizationNew Directions in Child and Adolescent Development Series.  W. Damon (Series Editor).  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Editors’ Commentary: Mascolo, M. F., & Li, J. Beyond dichotomizations of selves and cultures.

Mascolo, M. F. & Griffin, S. (Eds.) (1998). What develops in emotional development?  New York: Plenum. Mascolo, M. F. & Pollack, R. (Ed.) (1997). Frontiers of Constructivism: Problems and Prospects, Special Issue, Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 10 (1).

Articles and Book Chapters

Mascolo, M. F.  (in press). Toward an integrated constructionist psychology: The coactive construction of meaning.  To appear in J. Raskin (Ed.), Studies in Meaning 5. New York: Pace University Press.

Mascolo, M. F. (in press).  Developing through relations: A coactive systems framework.  To appear in Lerner, R., & Benson, J. (Ed.) Embodiment and epigenesis: Theoretical and methodological issues in understanding the role of biology within the relational developmental system.”  New York: Elsevier.

Mascolo, M. F., & Fischer, K. W., (2010).  The dynamic development of of thinking, feeling and acting over the lifespan.  In Lerner, R. & W. Overton (Ed.) Handbook of Lifespan Development.  New York: John Wiley.

Mascolo, M F. (2009).  Beyond teacher- and learner-centered pedagogy: Learning as guided participation.  Pedagogy and the Human Sciences, 1, 4-27.

Mascolo, M. F. (2009).  Wittgenstein and the discursive analysis of emotion.  New Ideas in Psychology, 27, 258-274

Mascolo, M. F. (2008).  The concept of domain in developmental models of hierarchical complexity.  World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, 64, 330-347.

Mascolo, M. F., & Fischer, K. W. (2007).  The co-development of self-awareness and self-evaluative emotions across the toddler years (pp. 66-99).  In Brownell, C. A., & Kopp, C. B. (Eds.). Transitions in early socioemotional development: The toddler years.  New York, N.Y.: Guilford Press.

Mascolo, M. F. (2005).  Change processes in development: The concept of coactive scaffolding.  New Ideas in Psychology, 23, 185-196.