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Women’s and Gender Studies

Minor Requirements

Minors receive a Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies when they graduate

  • Completion of a minimum of five 4-credit courses that count toward the Women’s  and  Gender Studies Minor
  • Completion of the required  introductory course: WGS 1010A Gender and  Society
  • Remaining 4 courses elected from Women’s and Gender Studies courses (there is no limit on how many WGS courses can count toward the minor) and approved courses from Business, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, English, Fine Arts, First Year Seminars (only 1 permitted), History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Religious and Theological Studies.  Only 2 cross-listed courses toward the Minor can be taken in any one department.
  • Minors can take an unlimited number of WGS courses that will count toward the minor.
  • It is highly recommended that WGS minors take at least one course beyond WGS 1010 that focuses on the intersection of gender and race and/or gender and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, gender and class, and/or gender and nation.

Recommended courses include, but are not limited to:

  • Women’s and Gender Studies:  WGS 2160, WGS 2660, WGS 3110, WGS 3250, WGS 3420, WGS 3660, WGS 410
  • Communication: C0M 2230
  • Education: EDU 3620
  • English:  ENG 3350, ENG 3770, ENG, ENG 3860
  • Management:  MGT 3355
  • Psychology:  PSY 3260
  • Sociology: SOC 3330, SOC 4300

Contact the Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at (978) 837-5000, ext. 3530 if you have any questions or are planning to minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.