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Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Course Requirements

In addition to having satisfied the institutional and distribution requirements, students who seek a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree must further have completed the following major and cognate courses or their equivalents:

A. Five courses in mathematics:
MTH 1217 Calculus I
MTH 1218 Calculus II
MTH 1505 Engineering Statistics OR MTH 2567 Probability and Statistics I
MTH 2219 Calculus III
MTH 2220 Differential Equations

B. Four courses in the basic sciences:
PHY 2211 Physics I
PHY 2212 Physics II
CHM 1180 Engineering Chemistry
CSC 1610 Computer Science I

C. One course in engineering communications:
GEN 1001A Introduction to Engineering (W)

D. Five courses in engineering science:
GEN 2010 Mechanics I
GEN 2012 Mechanics II
GEN 3040 Fluid Mechanics
MEN 3030 Thermodynamics I
MEN 3032 Thermodynamics II

E. Six courses in the mechanical engineering core:
MEN 3010 Machine Design
MEN 3014 Dynamics/Vibrations
MEN 3020 Materials Science
MEN 3034 Heat and Mass Transfer
MEN 3090 Professionalism and Ethics
MEN 4901 Design Project

F. Depth Electives: A minimum of 16 credit hours of depth electives as shown below. At least one course must be selected from each of the two lists:

Mechanical Systems
MEN 5010 Advanced Mechanics/FEM
MEN 5012 Instrumentation/Robotics
CEN 5012 Steel Analysis and Design
MEN 5020 Mechanical behavior of polymers  

Thermal Systems
MEN 5030 Energy Systems
MEN 5032 Solar & Direct Energy Conversion
MEN 5034 Windpower Systems
MEN 5040 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 

G. Technical Elective: A minimum of 4 credit hours. Supports student’s interest area.

H. MEN 4900 Senior Seminar

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