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Health Sciences

Athletic Training

All freshmen are admitted to Merrimack College as sports medicine majors.  Those students who wish to apply into the Athletic Training Education Program must comply with the program’s admissions policies and technical standards.  All sports medicine majors and athletic training majors must maintain a minimum of 2.75 GPA and a minimum of C+ or better in all core courses.   

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

38 Course Curriculum Plan

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Freshman Year I

HSC1122 Anatomy & Physiology I (STEM)
CHM1210 Chemistry Health Professions I
SME1200 Acute and Emergency Care      
FYW1050 Intro to College Writing (FYW)

Freshman Year II

HSC1123 Anatomy & Physiology II
CHM1220 Chemistry Health Professions II
SME1304 Care & Prevention of Ath Injuries
RTS1100 Christianity in Context (RTS)

Sophomore Year I

ATR2312 Eval and Assessment I
HSC3302 Intro to Public Health
BIO1027 Principles of Biology I
HSC2300 Nutrition, Diet, and Health
ATR2000 Clinical Experience I (X) (2cr)

Sophomore Year II

ATR2313 Eval & Assessment II
PHL1000 Intro to Philosophy (PHL)
MTH1016 Pre-calculus/MTH1217 Calculus
SME1318 Research Design
ATR2001 Clinical Experience II (2cr)

Junior Year I

SME3311 Exercise Physiology
SME3307 Therapeutic Exercise
PHY2201 General Physics I
MTH1111 Statistics (STEM, Q)
ATR3000 Clinical Experience III (2cr)

Junior Year II

SME3308 Biomechanics
SME3309 Modalities & Pharm Agents
PHY2202 General Physics II
Social Science 1
ATR3001 Clinical Experience IV (2cr)

Senior Year I

HCS3303 Clinical Microbiology
SME2345 Strength and Conditioning
SME1317 Healthcare Administration
Social Science 2 (D)*
ATR4000 Clinical Experience V (2)

Senior Year II

PHL2060 Biomedical Ethics (E)
HSC3336W Pathophysiology (W)
Historical Studies/Foreign Language
Arts and Literature
ATR4001 Clinical Experience VI (2)