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Health Sciences

Sports Medicine


Bachelor of Science
Sports Medicine Education Curriculum

            Fall 2013

Freshman Year I

HSC 1122 Anatomy & Physiology I
CHM 1210Chemistry Health Professions I
ENG 1050 Intro to College Writing
SME 1101 Acute & Emergency

Freshman Year II

HSC 1123 Anatomy & Physiology II
SME 1304 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
CHM 1220Chemistry Health Professions II
RTS 1100 Christianity in Context

Sophomore Year I

HSC 2300 Nutrition, Diet, and Health
MTH 1111 Statistics
HSC 3302 Intro to Public Health
SME 2345 Intro Strength & Conditioning 

Sophomore Year II

MTH 1016 Precalculus/MTH 1217 Calc
BIO 1027 Principles of Biology I
SME 1318 Research Design in SM
HSC 3310 Health Behavior Promotion

Junior Year I

SME 3311 Exercise Physiology
SME/HSC Major Elective
PHY 2201 General Physics I
PHL 1000 Intro to Philosophy

Junior Year II

SME/HSC Major Elective
SME 3308 Biomechanics
PHY 2202 General Physics II
Social Science 1


Senior Year I

Major Elective or SME4850 SM internship
Social Science 2
SME/HSC Major Elective


 Major Electives Options:

SME3307 Therapeutic Exercise

SME3309 Modalities and Pharm Agents

SME3347 Exercise Prescription

SME4348 Exercise Program Design

HSC3303 Clinical Microbiology



Senior Year II

PHL2060 Biomedical Ethics 
Major Elective or SME4850 SM Internship
H (or FL)
HSC3336 Human Pathophyisiology














Requirements for the minor program in Sports Medicine include HSC 1122, 1123 Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II and three additional SME courses at the 2000-4000 levels. Students who minor in Sports Medicine will be assigned an advisor from the faculty.