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Important Numbers

  • Main Number (Auto-Attendant): (978) 837-5000
  • College Switchboard: (978) 683-7111
  • Main Fax Number: (978) 837-5222
  • Police Services: (978) 837-5555
  • Police Services Cell (in case of phone outage): (978) 687-5308
  • Weather Emergency School Closing Hotline: (978) 837-5700
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Offices & Staff Members

To reach a Merrimack employee, you may dial their extension directly via (978) 837-XXXX.

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NameContact InfoTitle
Dept/Office & Building
Hammond, Patriciax3561
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Han, S.Brucex5319
E-mail: hans
Management Department
Room 421, O'Reilly Hall
Hanjack, Heatherx5212
E-mail: heather.carr
Head Athletic Trainer
Sports Medicine
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Hankey, Joycex3414
E-mail: hankeyj
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate Education Department
Room 3rd, Austin Hall
Hanson, Donaldx5049
E-mail: hansond
Associate Professor
Accounting & Finance Department
Room 411, O'Reilly Hall
Hanson, RobertE-mail: hansonrf
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate Education Department
Austin Hall
Hantgan, Robertax5270
E-mail: hantganr
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate Education Department
Room 222, Austin Hall
Hardee, DanielleE-mail: hardeed
Special Project Manager
Development and Alumni Relations
510 Turnpike Street
Hardway, Christinax3502
E-mail: hardwayc
Associate Professor
Psychology Department
Room 307D, Sullivan Hall
Harel, Urix5452
E-mail: harelu
Adjunct Lecturer
Education Department
Room 230A, Austin Hall
Harrington, MarkE-mail: harringtonmr
Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Education Department
Austin Hall
Harris, Donaldx3559
Room 1st, Sakowich Campus Center
Harris, Tracyx5441
E-mail: harristl
Hamel Health Center Physician
Hamel Health & Counseling
Room 1st, Hamel Health Center
Hartlett, Sarahx3414
E-mail: hartletts
Adjunct Lecturer
Graduate Education Department
Room 3rd, Austin Hall
Haseltine, Lyndseyx5327
E-mail: haseltinel
Director, Professional Studies Program
Graduate & Professional Studies, Office of
Room 1st, 485 Andover Street
Hastings, Peterx5357
E-mail: hastingsp
Associate VP, Chief Information Officer
Information Technology Services
Room 208, McQuade Library
Hautanen, Davidx3570
E-mail: hautanend
VP for Enrollment Management & Retention
Enrollment Management
Room 201, 510 Turnpike Street
Hayden, Karenx3519
E-mail: haydenk
Associate Professor/Chair
Criminology Department
Room 203B, Austin Hall
Hazarvartian, Kimx5299
E-mail: hazarvartiak
Adjunct Lecturer
Civil Engineering Department
Room 103, Mendel
Healey, Christopherx5240
E-mail: healeychr
Volunteer Track Coach
Athletic Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Healey, Christopherx5431
E-mail: healeycm
Assistant Coach Track
Athletic Department
Room VOL, Volpe Complex
Heath, Reneex5360
E-mail: heathr
Adjunct Lecturer
Communication Arts & Sciences
Room CB17, Cushing Hall
Hechemy, Jenniferx5401
E-mail: hechemyj
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Dean of Faculty/Girard School of Business
Room 400, O'Reilly Hall
Heffernan, Georgex3473
E-mail: heffernang
Philosophy Department
Room 107C, Sullivan Hall
Heil, Alexanderx5246
E-mail: heila
Adjunct Lecturer
Economics Department
Room 103G, Cushing Hall
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Merrimack College
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North Andover, MA. 01845

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