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Merrimack’s soon to be Gaming Club

December 17, 2013
With the aid of Professor Christopher Stuetzle, sophomore Honors student Hunter Ripsom Gardiner and friends have created the Merrimack Gaming Club.

Hunter Ripsom-Gardiner is a sophomore Honors Mechanical Engineering major here at Merrimack College. As a high school student, Hunter was part of a card club that would meet weekly, and when he arrived at Merrimack, he was looking for a similar experience and was unable to find one. With the aid of the club’s Advisor, Professor Christopher Stuetzle, the Merrimack Gaming Club has come into existence. The group gets together every Friday from 3-6pm in Mendel 210 with around 12 regularly attending members. Every week the club plays different games in various genres. The meeting begins with a discussion about a particular gaming mechanic or topic (such as gender roles in video games, deck building strategies, or resource management in games), and then members break into groups to play. Games they play include Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, various role playing systems, 7 Wonders, Android:Netrunner, Core Worlds, and many more card, board, and video games. The Merrimack Gaming Club is in the process of writing a constitution and determining their executive board members and are looking forward to hopefully becoming an official SGA sponsored club in the near future.

If you are interested in joining the Gaming Club or finding out more about it please e-mail:, visit the Google Group’s web page, or stop by Mendel 210 on a Friday at 3pm.

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