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School of Education & Social Policy

Minor in Criminology

Students who wish to declare a minor in Criminology must take CRM1000 before they will be admitted to the minor. Satisfying the requirements for the minor in Criminology includes completing a minimum of 18 credits in the minor For a minor; students must achieve at least a 2.0 grade point average in the minor courses.

Earning a minor in Criminology requires:

  • CRM 1000 Introduction to Criminology 

Plus four elective courses from the following:

  • CRM 2000 Youth, Deviance, and Crime 
  • CRM 2200 Corporate and White Collar Crime 
  • CRM 2300 Hate Crimes 
  • CRM 3000 Society and Law 
  • CRM 3050(W) Female Deviance, Crime and Social Control 
  • CRM 3380(W) Race, Class and Crime 
  • CRM 3430 Criminal Justice and Mental Health 
  • CRM 3500 Domestic Violence 
  • CRM 3900 Incarceration 
  • CRM 4000 Research Methods in Criminology
  • CRM 4500 Statistics in Criminology
  • CRM 4800 Criminology Internship  OR
  • CRM 4850 Criminology Internship  OR
  • CRM 4855 Criminology Summer Internship
  • CRM 4900 Directed Study
  • CRM 4910 Directed Study